Empowering Childhood Experiences

An approach to foster relationships, knowledge and imagination.

Toddler Room Environment

The children in our Toddler program have many opportunities in a learning environment that is influenced by our continuous study of the Reggio Emilia Approach. This approach reflects a holistic attitude towards education and care and invites children, teachers, and parents to support:

  • The development of strong relationships
  • An environment that encourages intuitive exploration and self-help competencies
  • On going communication in terms of language promotion and documentation
  • The respectful image of the child; as being competent and capable
  • The challenges of provocations that involve exploration authentic materials and tools
  • A curriculum that connects cognitive processes with imagination and is meaningful to immediate experiences

To help our children and their families become a more central part of our school we are asking our families to bring in a family photo to be placed on your child’s cubbie for their first day of school.

Please ensure ALL of your child’s things are labeled including bottles, containers and back pack.

Dress children in comfortable clothes (also consider easy wearing for children who are potty training –for example, over all with buttons are difficult for tiny fingers to manipulate especially in a hurry. Communicate any special request, questions and concerns with your child’s teachers.

Daily Appointments for Toddlers

Our day is made up of “daily appointments” that teach the children a sense of order and consistency through their day. The schedule is flexible to the children’s interest, needs, reflections, and ideas. It is beneficial for your child if he/she is at school by 9:00 am. 8:40- Snack (Assembly & Planning)

  • 7:00 – School Opens – Family Group and Play
  • 8:15 – Open Snack
  • 9:00- Small Group discussion and Emergent Curriculum
  • 9:45- Outdoor Activities
  • 11:00- Diaper Routines
  • 11:10- Tidy Up & large Group Circle
  • 11:30- Lunch
  • 12:30- Quiet/Nap Time
  • 2:30- Wake Up& Diapers
  • 2:45- Snack
  • 3:00- Outdoor Activities
  • 4:00- Continue Morning Emergent Curriculum
  • 5:00- Tidy Up
  • 5:15- Story & Snack
  • 6:00-Teachers close the school